Sunday, July 30, 2017

A New Alchemy in Healthcare; A Periodic Table for Healthcare Delivery ©

Chemistry and action;
Second law of thermal dynamics, Law of Entropy
Order to chaos

Complexity builds with discovery
Discovery in this sense meaning a new and perhaps unrecognized requirement or variable that when understood and applied creates conditions necessary for a positive outcome be it clinically, experientially, regulatory or financially.
Healthcare delivery in the aggregate has historically dealt with ever increasing complexity in a variety of ways in the search for  “goldilocks” conditions, not hot not cold, just right.

One can posit that every healthcare “discovery” created essential elements or necessary conditions which described those factors, there interdependencies and relationships; a periodic table for Healthcare. Lets check out the elements;

1) Co
Positive clinical outcomes, starting with “first do no harm” is the key element in the healthcare periodic table. This is the element to which all others must “interrelate” and without it, no other sustainable structure can be created. It incorporates; safety, human factors and high reliability
2) Pe
Patient Experience
            Patient > and = Customer

3) Fp
Financial Performance
            Positive margins

4) Ee
Employee Engagement
            A staff that derives meaning from there work and translates that into the             patient experience

5) G
            Ease of access,
            a sub element; maturity as an organization

6) Msh
Market Share
            A strategic approach to serving more

7) Ca
Competitive Advantage
            Differentiated “destination” programs

8) Ca2
Clinical Alignment
            Medical Staff, & Clinical Enterprise, strategically and economically

9) Pm
Payor Mix
            An understanding of the delicate balance of this “catabolic” element in your             market is essential

10) L
            If you can choose it you can influence G, Msh & Pm

11) R
            Essential component of Ca not found in most cases without AcM

12) GL
Governance & Leadership
            The wrong group of alchemist can turn lead to gold or gold to ash

13) AcM
Academic Medical Center
            A critical component for many of the elemental structures noted if you are             fortunate enough to have it as part of your Periodic Table

If the elements come together in just the right order you may have those
Goldilocks Conditions previously noted:
Integrated healthcare delivery platform
Safe, positive clinical outcomes
Clinical staff; quality providers
Academics, medical school, research & pipeline of clinicians
Market relevancy
Differentiated services & indispensability
Aligned clinicians & clinical enterprise
No silos, synergy throughout
Low cost structure, low debt, low age of plant, net assets &reserves
Positive margins

Richard Gannotta NP, DHA, FACHE