Sunday, July 23, 2017

Healthcare 2018 early predictions & areas to watch

My thoughts on a few areas of keen interest for 2018 and beyond. 
Patient care, healthcare policy, delivery, technology and economics sure to be impacted by these examples with more to come…

1) Medication & Pharma
I am still a believer that genetic, genomic and nanotech will have a tremendous influence on health and disease in the future, right now watch;
           PCSK9 Inhibitors, a very promising class of cholesterol lowering drugs

2) Augmented Reality for Healthcare
The applications in healthcare delivery are endless, the tech companies that are exploring this arena  are absolutely worth looking into.
For a better idea of what I am referring to, click on the University of Maryland site below, a “glimpse of things literally right around the corner;

3) Artificial Intelligence
From Google to Watson the future of healthcare delivery is being changed by AI. Nothing more to say…

4) In home care (not to be confused with home healthcare)
Care in the home,  from what historically would be found in an inpatient general med surg 
unit to ICU care will increasingly be “pushed out” of hospitals. Coupled with a well developed clinical infrastructure and advanced by remote technology it can be a safe and economically favorable alternative to inpatient care (think disease specific and operative bundled payments)…

5) Social Media
One of the most, perhaps singularly influential and game changing areas that will impact consumer driven healthcare. 
From a market perspective, ignore this sector and its opportunities at you own “peril”.