Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Individual & Organizational Well Being & Inspired Leadership for Healthcare and Business

Individual & Organizational                                                July 4th 2017
Well Being & Inspired Leadership for
Healthcare and Business

Here are some potential benefits of several “key” practices that can;

Align individual aspirations and organizational mission.

The result: Increased performance, positive outcomes &
Inspired Leaders


Its benefits;
            Acceptance & Non Judgment

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way;

•On purpose
•In the present moment
•Non - judgmentally


Works as a renewing agent

Decreases stress levels and improves overall effectiveness; the experience of compassion will set in motion restorative mental, emotional, and physiological processes.

All of this leads to a more positive environment which research has shown affects how that organization actually performs.

This infers a powerful business case for compassion.

In addition, caring relationships are the key to arousal of the PSNS which
Can lower blood pressure, enhance immunity, and lead to overall better health.

Healing environments

Facility design
Minimize stress, remove barriers, equals an efficient healing environment

Personalized relationship between staff and customers.  In healthcare between caregivers & patients, consider care delivery proximity and space

Integrative /Complimentary & Alternative Medicine
Increasing the availability and use of complimentary therapies in the inpatient setting may be beneficial

Inspired Leadership

The inspired leader, any position and level in the organization, puts all three practices in motion; Mindfulness and Compassion creates a Healing Environment.

Final thoughts & practices to consider;

Listen & become “People whisperer’s”

Compassionate & Honor Spirit

Self-defined and aware


Takes Sabbath seriously

Is servant vs. manager

Attitude of courage, gratefulness